Seoul-The Mix Between New and Old

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Choosing your next holiday destination can be quite hard, especially if you have already visited lots of places. However, if you are a city-lover, then we highly recommend you to see Seoul. This spectacular place has lots to offer and it is definitely a mix between new and old. Here is why we say that.

Old Seoul  

This wonderful city is without a doubt a mix of new and old, and due to this reason, people of all ages will find something to do if they decide to come here on their holiday. For example, the well-known Dongmyo Flea market is the place where you can find a large range of items, extremely cheap, such as clothes, electronic and especially antiques.                                                                                The atmosphere of this market is without a doubt a nostalgic one, reminding about the past when the city didn’t have too many supermarkets or shopping centers. Here, you can see mortar and brick stores, which again take you back in time. All in all, if you go to Seoul you must see this market.             

There is also another old market which is the emblem of Seoul, and this is called Gwangjang. You can stop here for a snack, or just for taking a look at all the varieties of food. It is a must to try the traditional food, if you visit this place. People are very welcoming and most of them speak English, so you don’t need to worry about this aspect. When you say old Seoul you actually say Dongmyo Flea market and Gwangjang market. The old buildings around the city also remind about the past and their architecture is absolutely wonderful.                     


The expression ‘’New Seoul’’ is given by the modern high-rise buildings that are everywhere in this city, the nightclubs that are opened 24-hour, manufacturing, beauty products, fashion, and so on. If you are an art lover, then Seoul has something great to offer, the National Museum of Contemporary Art. Seoul is busy, full of skyscrapers, shopping centers, markets, restaurants, and more. In a place like this, you will never get bored. We must also mention that nowadays, this city is not as it was in the past, in terms of safety. Today, it is the city with the lowest crime rate in the world. This means that you must not worry about anything because you will feel safe at all times. Police officers are everywhere, and ready to help you, in case you need this at some point. If you are a gadget lover then this is the right place to find all sort of items at a very reasonable place. The last generation of mobile phones, tablets, games, headphones, and more can be found all over Seoul. Don’t forget that LG and Samsung are household names everywhere in the world, and they are South Korean.       

The mix of old places in Seoul and new ones makes this city a vibrant one, where no matter what age you are, you will certainly have a spectacular holiday.

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