Festivals and Events in Seoul

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Do you like spending your holiday in big and vibrant cities? Do you like nightclubs, restaurants and all those places, where people know how to have fun? If you find yourself in this description, then you must definitely visit Seoul. The city has a large range of restaurants, bars, and more. If you do not know what to do, then here are some festivals and events in Seoul that you must not miss.

Saturday Museum Concert                                                                                            

Every first Saturday of each month, excluding August, you can enjoy an amazing concert at the History Museum. Each month will bring something new, from orchestra, opera, to classical, musical, and so one. Therefore, no matter what your musical tastes are, you will definitely be satisfied.

Hallyu Cooking Class

If you love cooking then you should try the Hallyu cooking class. Here, you can learn to make the best K-food, using only traditional ingredients for an excellent flavor. At this event, a professional chef will make some recipes that are very easy to understand and do. Therefore, it will actually be quite fun, and you will also make new friends.

Night Clubs and Escorts

If you like nightclubs and also want an escort, then this Seoul escorts site is the perfect place to get some fun. Here, you can find lots of nightclubs that offer escorts, and also a large range of websites that help you accomplish your wish. You can choose Korean girls, or other nationalities as well. More than this, Seoul has lots of streets dedicated especially to those who are looking for some new experiences.

1890 Namsangol Night Market                                                                                          

Another excellent event you should not miss if you visit Seoul is the 1890 Namsangol night market. This event is being held in Namsangol Hanok Village, and you can go every Saturday. In comparison with 2017, this year the number of food trucks will be double. Remember that this market is closed in July due to the heat waves and rainy weather.

e-Sports Stadium

Here you can experience Korean games that will definitely make you feel the essence of e-Sport. On this stadium, you will have the chance to see a competition of gamers, and then, if you want, you can have a look at the Hall of Fame, in order to find new things about e-Sports and its history.

Jungnang Festival

If you are a romantic person, then you must not miss the Jungnang Festival. It is held once a year, and you can see all types of roses, in all sort of colors. Furthermore, people of Seoul set a 5 kilometers long bed of roses which looks absolutely stunning.

Sinchon Watergun Festival

In South Korea, summers are very hot and humid, and due to this reason, they came up with this amazing festival. They get together in the middle of Yonsei street, and they cool off by using water guns. The festival also includes various water slides. The atmosphere is a fun and refreshing one, which you must certainly try if you visit Seoul in July.

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