Best Things to Know Before Visiting South Korea

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If you like to travel and want t experience new things, places, and people, then we highly recommend you to go to South Korea. Here, you cannot only relax but also see amazing places. Therefore, if you decide to choose this location for your next holiday, have a look at the following best things to know before visiting South Korea.

The Korean Alphabet is Not Complicated At All                                                                                               

Lots of people think that the Korean Alphabet is very hard to learn, but this is not true absolutely at all. It is quite phonetic, and you will be able to quickly learn it. In just a few days you can learn to have a usual conversation which will surely help you communicate with locals. It is recommended to do this, due to the fact that not all of them know English. Furthermore, by doing so you can easily read street names, which is essential when visiting a new country.

Transportation is Not Expensive 

You must not worry about transportation because it is not expensive at all. Actually, it is not only cheap but very easy to get around as well. You can use public buses or subways, and you can do this as many times as you want with a small budget. This will definitely help you see all the important locations as many times as you want without any sort of problems. However, if you decided to travel on a taxi, they are without a doubt a bit more expensive, but they certainly do not cost a fortune.

South Korea is a Very Safe Country

There isn’t another place where you can feel extremely safe than South Korea. In case you didn’t know, this is actually the country with the lowest crime rate. Therefore, you can be sure that you will feel safe at all times on your holiday.

There is No Personal Space

If you want a quiet holiday, then you should not choose South Korea. Here, the population is over 25 million, and you will not have a personal space. Shoving and pushing are not uncommon. There are lots of people on the streets, and if you don’t like crowded places, then this is not the right place for you.

You Must Not Give Tips

Unlike other countries where you must leave a tip in restaurants, in South Korean is not necessary to do this, which is a big advantage that will help you save some money on your holiday. Taxi drivers, waiters, hairdressers will certainly be grateful for a tip, but tipping is not required.

You Must Wear Shower Shoes                                                                                                    

Due to the fact that most bathrooms do not have a bathtub, you must bring with you a pair of shower shoes. Shower heads attached to the wall and small bathrooms that most hotels in this country have  make quite a mess, and this is why you need to wear shoes, in order to stay clean. Therefore, do not forget this important detail that will make you feel comfortable on your holiday.

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