A Guide of the Most Beautiful Places in South Korea

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When it comes to holidays, people choose different places depending on their personal taste. One of the most popular places to visit is without a doubt South Korea. If you would like to visit it as well on your next holiday, then you should have a close look at the following guide of the most beautiful places in South Korea, which you should not miss.

Gwang-An Bridge

This is an absolutely amazing bridge you must see if you go to South Korea. It is known as the Diamond-Bridge, and it actually connects Suyeong-gu with Haeundae-gu. This is not a pedestrian bridge, but anyone can enjoy the magical view of beautiful beaches, mountains, and city lights in the night. Thanks to the spectacular lighting system, you can enjoy the lighting of over 100.000 colors.

Gongryong Ridge, Seorak Mountain

The views from here are so beautiful that you can’t even say they are true. If you love climbing and physical fitness, then you should definitely not miss this place. This rocky ridge actually has the shape of dinosaur, and this is one of the reasons why it is so special. People all over the world come here, especially for the view.

Seongsan Sunrise Peak                                                                                                  

Here you can find a majestic volcanic crater that has been formed 5.000 years ago due to the hydrovolcanic eruptions. Furthermore, this is place with many rare plant species. However, what will surely impress you is the sun rising over it. Therefore, if you go to South Korea, you must see this magical place.

Ggotji Beach

If you are an ocean-lover, then you must visit the Ggotji Beach. It is absolutely wonderful. You can find it at nearly 4 kilometers from Anmyeon-eup, and this a quite colored beach, where you can enjoy a beautiful sunrise. Furthermore, you can swim in the beautiful ocean.  One thing is sure, that after a holiday here you will 100% recharge your batteries.

Chunwang Peak, Jiri Mountain                                                                                 

This is another great mountain that offers splendid views, as it is on the second place as the highest peak in South Korea. There is a national park, that stretches over three provinces and four cities. Therefore, if you love mountains and nature, and you have in mind South Korea for your next holiday, then it is highly recommended to come to this place. You will not regret not even one minute spent here.

Juknokwon, Damyang

Would you like to see a bamboo thicket? If so, then you must go to Juknokwon Damyang. Here, you can relax and forget about everything. If you are tired of hectic city life, then in this place you will find peace and silence. The dense bamboo plants and the green tea shoots are absolutely fantastic. There is also an observatory that organizes tea testing events. Therefore, if you are a tea-lover and want to try different types of tea, then this is the perfect place to do this. The experience you live here is unique, and this is why this is considered one of the most places in South Korea.




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